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Saturday, October 9 2004
FIFA 2005 Online Is Live!
As promised FIFA 2005 Online is now open. Head over to for the next instalment in the long legacy of FIFA Online sites.
Posted by Andrew | Post Comments

Friday, October 8 2004
FIFA 2005 Online Coming Soon
We will be returning this year with FIFA 2005 Online. It will be ready very soon. This year the features of the site will be better than ever. Make sure you return over the coming days for the opening of the site.
Posted by Andrew | Post Comments Review FIFA 2005 have given their verdict on FIFA 2005.

"Once you accept the limitations, there's no doubt that FIFA 2005 is very enjoyable whether played alone or with your mates. The addition of Live play is without doubt a major bonus for those of us fed up with having to wrestle with PS2 Online. The truth is, despite there being online play in last year's version, we hardly touched it. This time, however, you can hardly get us off it, and it has already become this reviewer's big online kick."

Read the full review here.
Posted by Andrew | Post CommentsComments ()

FIFA Street Announced
EA announced today that FIFA Street is in development. This announcement comes as FIFA 2005 is officially released around the world today. Wil Mozell, senior producer for the project, had this to say about FIFA Steet.

"What FIFA Street represents is a movement in football and a break from the modern game. We are stripping the sport down to its core and delivering a game that's all about freestyle attitude and individual skill, something I believe is at the heart of every football fan."

FIFA Street joins EA Sports BIG's line-up of successful "Street" games, including NBA and NFL versions. We will have a trailer for you to download shortly, but if you've already got your hands on FIFA 2005 you can view the trailer in the game.

Click Here for the full press release.
Posted by Andrew | Post Comments

Thursday, October 7 2004
3DAvenue Reviews FIFA 2005
3DAvenue give their opinion of EA's latest FIFA release.

"FIFA 2005 again shows EA's commitment to providing one of, if not the best soccer gaming experience around. The brand new career mode has both its pros and cons but overall enhances the replay value of the game significantly and FIFA fans will relish the chance to take each other on online."

Read their full review at
Posted by Andrew | Post CommentsComments ()

Wednesday, October 6 2004
Fifamania Superpatch 2004 v3.0

Fifamania Superpatch 2004 v3.0Over at they have just released their Fifamania Superpatch 3.0, which is the final one for Fifa 2004 and it has already reached more than 40,000 downloads. This patch weighs in at 325 Mb and it includes all the features listed below:

  • All the current player and club data from Serie A and Serie B @ 30th August 2004

  • Serie A with 20 teams and Serie B with 22 teams

  • Some teams from the Serie C

  • Original home, away and some third kits for all the Italian clubs

  • Marassi Stadium by DG & Lunardon

  • Olympic Stadium of Rome

  • GamePlay Patch included by Sevix

  • New Menu Backgrounds

  • New adboards

  • New ball

  • New boots

  • New realistic nets

  • Exclusive: Previously unreleased cinematics (never seen before!)

  • and much, much more!

Download your copy of the Fifamania Superpatch 2004 v3.0 direct from Sweetpatch's Patches Database.

Posted by Dave | Post CommentsComments (0)

Tuesday, October 5 2004's 1st Anniversary!
That's right people! - is now 1 year old as today we celebrate our 1st Anniversary! In the space of a year we have had over 600,000 unique hits to the main home page alone!

I started this project in the summer of 2003 but the real site as you now know it didn't get properly released until the 5th 2003, after several design changes, etc. I wanted to try and offer the community a unique experience during every visit. This has been achieved by including the most important FIFA news, download news and world football news, all offering a mixed content.

We have a talented team of news posters, graphics editors and patch makers who I would personally like to thank for all their hard work, ideas and support.

Our strong partnership with the talented guys at has also helped produce a great forum community that is growing day by day ( As it stands we now have over 1200 people registered since the boards were re-released back in February 2004.

Our long list of site features also grows regularly and in particular the first and only community site to have a Desktop News Alert System in the shape of InstantBreamster (!

This milestone of one year may seem over shadowed by Sweetpatch's recently celebrated 5th anniversary (respect to Dave's hard work), but as a "new" site we want to mirror their achievements and have a long reign within the FIFA community!

Better still that we are able to celebrate this during the same week as FIFA 2005 gets released!
Posted by Breamster | Post CommentsComments (4)

Sunday, October 3 2004
Grand Teams Patch for FIFA 2005 Demo

Download this excellent Grand Teams Demo PatchIs this possibly the best patch yet for the FIFA 2005 Demo, the Grand Teams Patch by Centrum FIFY? The patch contains:

  • Eight teams in demo:
    • Arsenal, Milan, Bayer Leverkusen, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United

  • Kits, flags, badges and adboards for all 8 teams

  • Great new ball from Champions League

  • Seven new great sets of boots

  • It has an easy to use 'Starter' and in this mini-program you can choose which teams you want to play with.

  • Bonus when you have played:
    • 10 games as Arsenal or Manchester = unlock new team = Liverpool

    • 10 games as Milan or Juventus = unlock new team - Inter

    • 30 games as one of 5 teams = unlock new team - Leverkusen

    • 50 games = unlock new game modes (Secret)

    • 70 games = unlock new game modes 2 (Secret)

Download this excellent Grand Teams Demo Patch direct from Sweetpatch's Download Boutique.

Posted by Dave | Post CommentsComments ()

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